Two Features In Expense Management Software You Can't Overlook

Two Features In Expense Management Software You Can’t Overlook

Two Features In Expense Management Software You Can't OverlookIt’s not that difficult to decide that expense management software is something worth buying. After all, the ability to simplify the workflow, reduce errors, improve compliance, and generally simplify the way your company handles expenses helps it stand out as one of the smartest moves you can make. However, the bigger issue is that for many people and businesses, figuring out which software program is the right one for them is more difficult. In general, most programs will function in a similar way – your decision will really come down to what features are present in a program.

There are a lot of different features you’ll want to take a look at. But there are two that are often overlooked – and they shouldn’t be. While things like easy automation and online connectivity are vital, you also need to make sure that your expense management software offers you the following two benefits as well.

  • Credit Card Integration – Being able to seamlessly integrate credit card purchases with your expense management software simplifies everything. When a purchase is made with a credit card, the information automatically posts on the expense account. Instead of having to compare receipts from credit card purchases and make the appropriate notations on the account, it’s all handled instantly. It takes minutes to link up a credit card account with a good program, but the results will benefit you for years.
  • Receipt Imaging – Receipt imaging means that your workers can photograph or scan their receipts while on the road and instantly upload them to the system. When that occurs, they no longer have to keep track of dozens of receipts, fill out huge amounts of paperwork, and bring it all back to the office. It simplifies their job tremendously, and also makes it easier for you to review the information and approve purchases.

Clearly, these two aspects of expense management software are incredibly important to your company. But they’re also commonly overlooked. Make sure that when you’re choosing your software, you find one that offers them both and more. That way you’ll get the most from your investment and will be able to move your company forwards.