The Use Of Credit Cards In Expense Report Software

The Use Of Credit Cards In Expense Report Software

The Use Of Credit Cards In Expense Report SoftwareCredit cards are commonplace in today’s world. People use them for various things, and in ways that you might not even think of. The business world is no different. Credit card transactions are used in all major purchases, including travel and entertainment. However, when filling out expense documentation manually, some of these purchases can be altered in unethical ways. Because of this, many companies have decided to try out automated expense software.

How Does It Work?

Corporate Card transactions are automatically captured in automated expense report software, allowing you to dive deeper into individual expenses. Simply select the appropriate transaction and the software will autofill the information in your expense item. You do less and accomplish more, even on the go. Other benefits include:

  • All transactions are received in the system after the posting date
  • Map the Description, Vendor and Reference where you need them
  • MCC Codes can be used to auto-suggest expense categories
  • Determine what are corporate or employee paid credit card transactions – apply differing approval workflows and exports

Other Features

Automated expense report software can also import your personal credit card data, and claim expenses based on your statement information. Transactions are also available on a daily basis rather than waiting until the end of the month. There is also web and mobile versatility, user-driven expense reporting, and full administrative control and access.

Rather than rely on manual entry, which is infamous for many careless mistakes, why not try to implement this automated software. The transition will allow you to focus on more important business matters and make your employee’s lives much easier. Consider trying the software today!