Using Credit Card Integration On Your Employee Expense System

PrintWhen you have employees that work on the go, the chances are good that they have the option to file an expense sheet or expense report and either charge expenses to the company or get reimbursed for their expenses that they incur while on the go. Either way, today most companies rely on an expense management system like ExpensePoint that is set up to simplify the entire process. A good expense report software program makes it easier for your employees to keep track of expenses, easier for you to approve, deny, and review them, and easier to file all reports for later reference.

But you’ll want to consider looking further, and taking a closer look at the best features of top of the line programs like ExpensePoint reveals numerous additional features that can truly enhance your business and how it operates. A perfect example is easy credit card integration.

A few different things help credit card integration stand out as important. Being able to import credit card data means that you can set up approved employee expenses to be charged to your corporate card. You can also use the card for payments or for other uses, and even assign charges to different cards. And of course, plenty of companies hand their best employees a company credit card for use while on the go. No matter how credit cards are utilised for employee expenses, they’re an important aspect of the business.

Being able to seamlessly integrate credit cards into the employee expense software program means that you don’t have to deal with additional receipts and records that can lead to confusion, mistakes, and more. In the past, you had to receive credit card statements and then manually merge them with the employee expense records in order to keep the two associated with one another. This meant that it was often confusing and time consuming to manage expenses associated with a credit card.

But with today’s easy expense reporting software, a few mouse clicks are all it takes to quickly track all expenses and associate them with the appropriate card. You’ll be able to call up reports that let you see what charges are on what card, keep accurate tax records, and much more. Simply put, credit card integration is an absolute must in today’s employee expense systems and something you have to have when you choose your expense app.