Watching The Watchers

Watching The Watchers

Watching The WatchersAlthough politics is always in the news, current events have placed politicians and civil servants of all types under a greater light of scrutiny. Specifically, the subject of expenses management is being looked into for parliamentary seat holders. What started out as a small investigation into possibly improper use of travel budgets for two existing senators has become a full scale audit of the political house.

The result of these initial evaluations has since led to a decisive report from the Auditor General, and a call to action for reform measures in governmental spending and expenses management in Parliament. What is perhaps most shocking about this scandal as it unfolds is the sheer extent of impropriety and the impact that this is likely to have on government function. Although the presentation of the Auditor General’s report does highlight very necessary places where expenses management does need to have stronger accountability, it has also opened the forum for defense and debate.


Streamlining Work By Engaging In Work

While the validity of the need for overall reform in expenses management is not really in question, the result of the investigation is that a number of government official who may have sound integrity in spending habits are also in the spotlight to defend actions. The result is that while improper spending has contributed to the waste of public fiscal resources, the chaos that has ensued from the Auditor General report is also wasting resources in time and productivity.

A secondary concern is that spending reform will also involve stronger policing of expenses management, which could further impede government function. However, many of the unethical practices were also uncovered after the fact of the matter, which makes it apparent that real time management and evaluation abilities could provide the proper oversight, without generating more work.

When it comes to fraudulent spending, ultimately all parties within an organization can become both the watchers and the watched. This means that expense management protocols also need simple tracking and approval features, which puts the focus of accountability as a principle of function. This further reduces the overall waste of fiscal resources, while also reforming the system for managing expenses.