Web Based Expense Reports Make Business Trips Easier

Web Based Expense Reports Make Business Trips Easier

Web Based Expense Reports Make Business Trips EasierA trip should be something exciting. It’s an adventure, an opportunity to explore a new place and see new things. Even if you’re only there on business, you should be able to make some time for yourself and your own fun.

However, it’s not always easy to make room in a busy schedule, especially when your employer thinks of you as being on the clock for however long your business trip lasts. There are rules about how much time you can devote to business, but at the same time, you’re spending the company’s dime and they want a good return on their investment. That’s why they want itemized expense reports for everything you pay for on your trip, and writing that list up can take up a lot of the time you’d want to spend sightseeing—especially if you spend money on your sightseeing.

Improving The Employee’s Life

Fortunately, web based expense reports are here now, and they can streamline the process and minimize the hassle. By entering their expense figures on an online form, an employee can send his or her information directly to the home office and receive instant feedback on whether a particular expense qualifies for employer coverage.

On top of that, by integrating mobile platforms, web based expense reports let employees log their expenses immediately after paying them, and then can even take pictures of their receipts and whatever else they need, attach the photos to the logged payment, and avoid having to hold onto an ever-growing stack of receipts until it’s time to go home.

Improving The Employer’s Life

Web based expense reports aren’t handy for just the employees. They also make it easier for employers to monitor their cash flow, assign different spending limits to different employees, and provide feedback to any employees who have questions. Other functions of the software include tracking currency exchange rates for easy accounting, setting particular limits for particular expenses, and an integrated search function that lets you examine an employee’s buying habits.

At the same time, they offer a way for an office to go paperless in a big way, since all the forms employees have to fill out on the road now exist completely on their laptops and smartphones. Even the receipts won’t end up in the office when they’re digitally scanned into the online documents. You may still want or require the physical copies as a backup, but now you don’t have to hunt through the stack to find the one you’re looking for.

With web based expense reports, it’s easy to see how the digital age and the mobile revolution are changing the way business gets done. Online expense reports allow employers and employees both to work faster, smarter, and on the go.