What Does Receipt Imaging Do For Your Employee Expense Report?

What Does Receipt Imaging Do For Your Employee Expense Report?

What Does Receipt Imaging Do For Your Employee Expense Report?There’s no question that today’s businesses have adopted technology to help them with a wide range of things. From making it easier to market a business to simplifying the process of managing human resources, technology makes a big difference. Another area that it can help with lies in the employee expense report, and good software can make this entire process easier.

One of the most important features you should look for when choosing an employee expense report program is the ability to handle receipt imaging. With this feature, employees who are on the road can scan or photograph receipts with their mobile devices and then upload them into the expense report system. Since everything is managed online, the devices connect to the same system that a computer would – everything is linked up perfectly.

Receipt imaging makes a huge difference on the ease of your employee expense management. There are several key reasons as to what that is. They include:

  • Less Work For Employees – Your employees already have a lot of tasks to handle when they’re on the road. By introducing receipt scanning to the system, you make it easier for them to keep track of their expenses. They no longer have to constantly carry around dozens of receipts and forms, which will help them focus on more important tasks on the road.
  • No Lost Receipts – A single lost receipt can be bad news for you or for your employee. But with receipt imaging that isn’t a problem. Once they scan the receipt and upload it, it’s on the servers where it belongs. That means that you don’t have to worry about missing papers anymore.
  • Monitor As They Spend – When employees use a receipt imaging system with an online expense reporting program, you can actually monitor their spending in real time. You don’t have to wait for them to return to the office, and as such you can get a head start on the job of reviewing expenses and also monitor what’s going on.
  • Easy To Review Data – You will also be able to review data in easy to read report formats. Instead of trying to piece together hundreds of receipts, the system will give you a detailed look at employee spending that you can use to develop new strategies or policies.

Simply put, switching to an online employee expense program with receipt imaging is something you need to consider. It could help your business in a big way.