Automate your employee expense reporting process.

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Expense Report Features
Expense Manager
Easy User GUI/Create, Approve, Administrate Expense Reports
Create Multiple Reports
User can create multiple reports at any time
Create Reports for Others
Permission granted to users by Administrator
Manage Cash Advances
Add Advance Received Line Item
Manage Cash Returns
Add Advances Returned Line Item
Split Expense Function
Split expenses by % or amount between Category, GL code segment or by client
Bill Expense Function
Bill expenses to client by % or $ – defines line item as receivable
Comments Feature
Add readable comments at report and line item level
Expense History
Line item history event logged. Chronological event/user/date
Approve Expense/Report
Approve by expense line item or by whole report
Decline Expense/Report
Decline by expense line item or by whole report
Report Views
Users can see old reports can see all past approved reports
Offline Report Creation
Create reports offline/Upload Feature/ Auto Sync Feature for desktop users
Print Preview
Printable View of Report – Print or Print to PDF
Receipt Imaging
Upload/Fax/Email and link Receipt Images-Visible throughout Workflow
Import Credit Card Transactions
Import Credit Card data from Visa, MasterCard, and Amex.
ExpensePoint MasterCard
Get ExpensePoint’s fully integrated No Fee MasterCard®
Report Tracking Number
Sequential 9 Digit Tracking number
Report Status Feature
Visible grid highlighting expense line item status
Multi-currency reporting
Ability to add multi-currency line items in single report
Program Features
Browser Access
IE 9 – Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox for Windows and MAC, Safari for MAC
Desktop application
Single Click install/self updating feature/Zero Maintenance
Mobile Access
Connect to ExpensePoint using your Android, Apple IOS, Blackberry OS and Windows device
Proxy Server Capable
Company can configure client to run through proxy
Client Multi Install
Client can be loaded on company and personal Comp
Secure Login
Point-to-Point – 256 Bit encrypted SSL Certificate/Firewalled
Landing Page/Dashboard
Landing page- Main and Company Docs Link Menu’s/Co. Logo, Graphs and visualization
Change Password
Companies can manage their own password strength and expiry.
Offline Access
Via Desktop application/Offline Expense Reporting/Upload Feature
Administrator(s) Access
Defined by permissions Editor
Permissions based system
Defined by permissions Editor
Accounting Features
Receipts Audit/Received
Audit and flag receipts as being accounted for
Approve Expense/Report
Approve by expense line item or by whole report
Decline Expense/Report
Decline by expense line item or by whole report
Full Edit Capability
Ability to fully edit line items
All Report Visibility
Ability to see all previous expense reports
Line Item Reconciliation
Ability to flag expense line items as reconciled
Multi Currency Management
System will display users currency of reimbursement on reports
Approval Override
Acctg can override approval workflow in absence of Approver
Management Features
Analysis Manager
Easy User GUI/Run reports and user based queries
Analysis Permissions
Set who can run reports and at what level
Analysis Outputs
Analysis Filtering
44 query filters available
Analysis Reports
31 reports available / report list continues to grow
Analysis Licensing
View list of licensed users
Administrative Features
User & Group Manager
Easy User GUI/Manage Group & User Profiles/Set Permissions
User GL Linking
Link GL Segments to Users i.e. Departments/Cost Centers
Multi Authoring Access
Users can be setup to create reports on behalf of other people
Define Users by Group
Users can be linked to multiple groups/Assume permissions
Import User Profiles/Data
User Data can be imported via Importer option
Define User Currency
User reimbursement currency defined
Workflow Manager
Easy User GUI/Manage Approval Workflows and Conditions
Multi Approver Workflow
Define as many approvals i.e. 1st, 2nd approver etc.
Conditions based approval
Approve i.e. Author/Group/Category/$ Amount/GL/+ more
Policy Manager
Easy User GUI/Manage expense policies/Red Flag Infractions
Policy Conditions
Set policy conditions/By User/Group/Vendor/$ Amount/GL etc…
Display Policy Text
Display Policy Infraction Text in Line Item
Settings Manager
Easy User GUI/Manage All settings, i.e.. Categories/GL’s/Rules/
Company Information Editor
Set Company Information i.e. Logo/ Fiscal Year End
Communication Editor
Set Default Email Body Text for Approval / Decline Notifications
Currencies Editor
Set Exchange Rates If not using system automatic FX rates
Category Editor
Create custom expense categories / Set default CPU / Unlimited #
Documents Editor
Create URL Links to Published Documents i.e. Travel Policy
GL Codes Editor
Create and Manage GL Codes
GL Rules Editor
Create GL based rules
Payment Type Editor
Create and Manage Company Payment Types
Projects Editor
Add Global Projects
Billable Source Editor
Add Global Billable Client Names
Taxes Editor
Add and Manage Reclaimable Taxes i.e. V.A.T, GST etc.
User Defined Fields Editor
Add User Defined Fields i.e. Payroll ID’s, Vendor Numbers
Advanced Settings Editor
Set Print Preview Options
License Administrator
Easy User GUI/Manage Licenses/Request Licenses/See Invoices
Easy User GUI/Import Data i.e. New User Profiles
Data export tool – Executable in and out of ExpensePoint
Customize Data Extract Files
Customized CSV files. Extract Accounting Approved Data Only
Custom Integration
Offered for QuickBooks, Sage, and Great Plains.
Schedule File Runs
Run Windows Scheduler to run Xporter exe.
Support & Resources
Telephone Support
Toll-free support line available Mon-Fri 8:00am 5:00pm (CST)
Email Support
Email response within 1 day of submission
Web Support
Web Conf. enabled support available Mon-Fri 8:00am 5:00pm (CST)
Client Training
Web-Based Training
Consulting Services
Consultative services providing industry trends, policies etc.
Travel & Expense Policy
Free Travel and Expense Policy provided at no charge
Account Support Agent
Assigned support agent

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